14. Oktober 2015


I can see the shadows playing on the ground. Looks like they're dancing to some music only they can hear. The only sound that comes to my ear is the soft whisper of the incoming waves.
I'm all alone here. Nobody else is at the beach, they all are somewhere else. Everyday it happens the same way; As the sun goes down everybody leaves. They quickly take their stuff and all what stays is a lonely, beautiful and left behind piece of land that barely looks like anybody ever came here.
I watch the wild sea, the movement of the waves. Their calming sound makes me feel some sort of home. I am slipping into the world inbetween. I am not awake, neither am I sleeping. My vision is ... kind of blurry. A veil of mist runs over the world.
The dancing of the shadows increases to a wild and uncontrolled performance. Whilst the landscape around me has turned all white and grey, the fuiures are now somehow clearer. They show up more opaque . Their appearance is ... three-dimensional.
I recognize that the sun is almost gone. How can they still be that visible?
Now I start to hear their music. Slowly some romantic sounds creep into my ear.
The shadow-man asks the shadow-girl for a dance.
They begin to move around in circles. They hug. I can even feel the love they share. So deep and ... true. Pure.

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