24. Juli 2015

being in love

I can hear the flickering candles around us. Their soft sound, so quiet and gently. Accentuated with smooth jazz and your soft voice, whispering lovestoned messages into my ear. 
I can smell you. Your sweet, yet masculine scent. Nobody else indulges my senses like you. 
Everytime I close my eyes ... I see your eyes, full of ardent love. Their indefinable color catches me, even in my dreams. 
I can feel you. The way you touch me tenderly. You gently caress me, ruffle through my copper-colored hair. I feel your lightweight kisses on my neck. 
"Do you know how blessed I am to have you by my side?"
Your voice enchants me, every word you say seduces me. 
"I only know how much I love you," I say. "I am consumed by your love."
We lie here, snuggled up all comfy and cozy, in our cuddly zone at the balcony. Among a ton of pillows and cushions, hidden under soft blankets, there is me and you. Just us two. 
You pull me tighter. Nothing could get between us. 
Your affectionate look goes deep into my soul. Your eyes tell a story. Our story. 
You come closer. 
Your fingers hug mine.
I close my eyes. 
I feel your breath in my face.
Your lips touch mine.

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