20. Februar 2015


Hallow, my name is Iria. I is one and a half years old. And I is from Greece. This is my typical caturday:

I wakes up early in the mornings and feels hungry belly. If my humans don't give me food immediately, I goes up to their rooms and meows very loud and I scratches at their doors. How can they sleep while I is hungry and poor?
Usually my humans wake up then. Some of my humans don't always understand what I wants. I wants food and then get out to make a pee pee. The red haired human is clever. She feeds me in the mornings. I talks to her while she is making my food because she is not fast enough, I is so hungry. I helps her open the door and make breakfast and then I eats. Yummy. 
After this my big humans cuddle me and I purrs a lot. I likes that. Then I goes with them into the bathroom to help them get ready for the day. They talk to me. But when the red-hair-human starts to blowdry her hair, I always runs away because I is afraid of that loud and nasty noise. I don't likes that since it hurts my ears.
Then I goes into the garden and I does some serious business. After that I plays with the grass and I hunts the silly flying birds. They always want to catch me but I is better. 
In this time the sun is hiding from my morning playings and I don't likes that. When the sun shines the stones are warm and I likes laying on them and snuggling them.
But after a while playing in the garden gets boring and I wants to cuddle. And maybe my humans give me something to snack on.

Most days of the week my two big humans are gone and come home later. But my other humans are still asleep. Sometimes it is only the one human who is playing with the square with moving pictures. My other human with long hair (and I recognises that the color of that hair is changing quite often) is sometimes here and sometimes not. And my large human who plays running with me through the house could be with her. He is funny. 
So hoping for one of my humans still being in my house, I goes up to the sleeping rooms and meows and makes noises. I scratches at the door and my copper and blonde-hair-human comes to me and cuddles me. She goes downstairs and I helps her. I goes in front of her and I shows her the way. Once she stepped on my tail and then I cried. How can she do that to me? I is so poor. She cuddled me a lot then and I talked to her to say she better watch her step.
Then we go to the snacks and my human gives some to me. My humans are so nice. I likes them. 
Then I plays with my humans. I catchtes their toes. They are so funny when they move. I likes to hunt them and I bites them. Sometimes my humans shout at me and put me away but I comes back and plays more. I likes playing a lot. Playing with the toes is the best, and running with my large human with short dark hair. He runs with me in the house and in the garden. 

When I is in the garden I sometimes have really big adventures. I wanders around and hunts mouses, frogs, bugs and other animals. They are funny. 
Last week I catches a colorful bird and I was so proud. I wanted to show my humans so I brings my bird into my house. Inside I plays with it and its fluffy feathers fly around in the food-making-room. This was so funny and I tried to catch them. Then my human with copper and blonde hair comes to me and I shows her my bird. She talks to me and she was proud at me. But then she takes the noisy and air-blowing cleaning machine and all my feathers were gone. I is so poor. And I is sad too. And then she taked my bird and brings it away. I did not understands. I searches for my bird in the food-making-room but it was gone. I went out and finds my bird in the garden. So I plays with it there.
I is sure next time my humans will play with Iria and my bird. 

At some times I meets my cat friends and we sits in my garden and we talks a lot about our humans and food and our adventures. 
When the red cat comes around I usually shouts and her and she shouts too. I don't likes her, she is mean to me. Then we fights. I is a really good fighter and I defends my house and my garden and my humans. My other enemy-cat is the black and brown and white cat. She not nice to Iria as well and sits in my garden and plays with my grass and my birds. So I shouts at her and we fights. But I is way cooler than her. 

Later the day I goes back into my house and maybe plays again. But usually I just sits on my couch and looks out the window. I watches my birds and my garden. I likes that and then I purrs. 
Sometimes one of my humans comes to me and we cuddle. My human who likes to play with the square with the moving pictures in it strokes me and kisses me and I purrs a lot then. He so nice to Iria. When he is dirty, I cleans him.
Whenever I gets hungry I goes to my food and I eats. Then I sleeps. I likes sleeping on my couch or on my chilly chair. Sometimes I sleeps on the carpet in the bathroom or in the food-making-room. And I really likes sleeping on my soft blanket. When my copper and blonde-hair-human is really nice, I sleeps in her bed and we cuddle. 
Naps are healthy and very importand. This is why I does loads of them. 

When my big humans come home later I runs to them to welcome them back home in my house and to tell them about my day. They kiss me and cuddle me a lot and I licks them to clean them. Then I goes to my chilly chair and I takes a bath. 
Later I gets hungry again and I runs to my humans to tell them. They feed me and I eats. Then I needs to do some serious business in the garden again. 
I goes back to my humans and tell them about my business and they listen to my exciting story. 

Then I plays with my red and my green ball and my one big human with squares around his eyes plays with me. I hunts the ball and he helps me. 
I remembers one caturday (all of my days are caturdays, just for you know) when my humans have a lot of other humans over and they make a pawty. Then all the friends of my humans want to play with Iria and cuddle me. Though I likes plays and cuddling, sometimes it can be too much. So I runs away and hides under some bed.
But luckily not everyday is a pawty in my house. 
Some days one of my humans brings me a box to play with. No matter how big or small it is, I loves playing with it. Sometimes there is paper that makes nice noises in the box. I sits in the box and plays. Even if the box is very tiny I plays with it. Just like the big cat gods say: "If I fits, I sits" (in the box).

When it gets dark and cold outside my humans make warm and flickering fire and I likes laying there and heating up my fur and watching the flames. 
Later my little humans go upstairs and do some human-stuff. I has no time for that, I has important cat shit to do. 
My two big humans watch the moving pictures in the big square and I lays on one of them and I purrs. Sometimes I sleeps. When I'm in the mood I likes to play with toes but then my humans don't want that. So I goes into the garden to play. But usually I is inside when it's evenings and I snuggles my humans. After some time they go to sleep. But I is not tired. So I plays with my ball or anything I finds laying around my house. And then I slowly gets tired. I looks for a nice place to sleep. Usually it is my chilly chair. Then I quickly cleans my fur. I closes my eyes and I starts to dream about food and playing and cuddling.

Yours truly, Iria. 

Anmerkung der Redaktion: 
Meine Katze war auf keiner Schule, ich entschuldige sämtliche Rechtschreib- und Grammatikfehler. 

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